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tv   28 Up South Africa 2013 Ep 2  Al Jazeera  April 25, 2019 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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unity over the violence both sides are bringing in troops and equipment from other parts of libya despite u.n. calls for a deescalation more than two hundred seventy people have been killed since the fight for tripoli began well how is that fighting ongoing now is a question we can take to mahmoud abdul he's live for us from tripoli how's it looking. well certainly a fighting has just intensified in their civil locations on the third of the southern part of tripoli as military sources say and the government sources seem to have deterred to seem to be determined to move towards. that's around forty five kilometers to the south as from tripoli city center it is very strategic because the government forces take control of the can easily cut one of the major supporting lines for have to coming from for have to have forces coming from the
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city of thought who now which is around one hundred kilometers to the southern. from parts from the capital tripoli and meanwhile government warplanes targeted there have to its forces locations in bush and the area that's near the. city overnight and this morning we heard heavy explosions and the military sources say that they were targeting it have to its forces locations in the vicinity of the tripoli inactive international airport south of tripoli where that heavy artillery and grad missiles meanwhile have forces are accused actually the government of national accord is accusing have to his forces of targeting residential areas with heavy weapons remember. two days ago forces. attacked a migrant detention center in gaza have been have shared their tripoli and they killed two migrants and one did it several others that's according to the
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government of national accord the humanitarian situation is getting worse as the fighting intensifies on the southern part of the capital letter tripoli and more than three hundred actually more than thirty thousand people have been reported out of their homes because of the fighting and the world health organization says that . two hundred seventy two people have been killed and over twelve hundred were wounded so far since the beginning of the fighting and by the way many civilians are among the casualties including women and children days ago have that us forces targeted there's additional areas and bush the menhaden start areas near their tripoli city center killing dozens sorry killing get many civilians and wondering get many other us sammy laura. thanks for that but our border
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is a spokeswoman for the international committee of the red cross and red crescent societies she says civilians and their properties should despairs from the fighting. depending on the areas it can be more difficult i speak with my colleagues in tripoli every day we have committed colleagues that are working on the ground. even some of them have told me that they've had friends or relatives that are unable to leave their neighborhoods because of ongoing fighting so so it can be pretty difficult and unsafe for people to move out and this is where again we remind the parties to the conflict. that fighting in densely populated areas in urban areas in civilian areas. the damages should be minimized be protected their properties should be protected essential infrastructure should be
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protected also were fighting is taking place right now there are power cuts and this could potentially get worse so we run a room in mind to avoid as much as possible spare the civilian population and their properties from the fighting and of course guarantee that they can leave the area their area safely should they wish to or and that they have access to essential humanitarian needs so i had an al-jazeera we speak to one rebel leader in mali who explains why his group is still five years after the peace accords were signed. kind of the spring rains of the moment or in the form of daily show or satellite picture shows them and given the scale of charges they look like huge areas of
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cloud and they are but underneath you're probably kept fifty or sixty villages any one place and there's a forecast for friday made that you're very probably be further west increasing. seems likely on saturday so the shows could be anywhere hong kong is going to feel increasingly sticky i suspect at twenty seven degrees and this is the same feature the cloud the cajun share stretching out towards vietnam as well no one place it's particularly at risk as a side of the showers not the case right in the other although we've got a development of cloud to the east which is one to watch for the bulk of the mainland is just a matter of watching the temperatures rise so unsurprising the red coats all of india most of pakistan will bring with ash the deepest heat is not good northwards where we're talking about middle forty's not quite stretching into pakistan. and there's the picture for saturday still to your east but the rain coming into walls for lanka that's a potentially dangerous development the fifth day of the blowing down the gulf is
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easing and therefore temperatures can rise up to thirty one in there are. i mean you want to get down to the nitty gritty the reality whether on line when you have a male chauvinist and that is an engine plant split in our global federation it is really hard to get a piece of that or if you join at sunset. they can speak up their mind this is a dialogue everyone has a voice to talk to us and i live you to chat and you too can be in the street join the global conversation on out is enough.
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to come back here watching are just the time to recap our headlines now. because defense secretary has resigned at the president's request following sunday's suicide bombings that killed three hundred fifty nine people at least seventy nine suspects have been arrested so far. sudanese protest leaders have increased pressure on the army by calling for a large rally demanding a civilian government three senior members of the ruling military council accused of cracking down on protesters resigned on wednesday there's no word on if or when the military will hand over power to civilians. the red cross says residential areas of libya's capital are gradually turning into battlefields and the aid agencies warning hospitals in tripoli are struggling with power cuts and chronic
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shortages of medical supplies. joe biden has announced his bid to replace u.s. president donald trump in a video announcement he warned americans there in a battle for the soul of the nation by doing this vice president under barack obama's administration for eight years he's among twenty hopefuls looking to get the democratic party's nomination. i believe to look back on four years of this prison. break as a moment in time. but if we get down three years from the white house she will forever and fundamentally alter the character of this nation. our white house correspondent kimberly joins me now live from washington d.c. so kimberly almost as soon as he announced his bid he was picking up indorsements right. yeah joe biden has been picking up and doris moves but they have been coming
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from people that look a lot like him namely white males and so it's interesting to note that joe biden the former vice president in iraq obama has used the issue of charlottesville that very divisive rally in twenty seventeen of white nationalists that turned deadly as part of his launch essentially tackling his vulnerability right out of the gate trying to show the contrast between himself and donald trump that he believes although he is not like the other democratic presidential candidates that tend to be very much younger or more diverse in some cases female that he is still concerned about the issue of race and that he believes he is the best candidate to defeat donald trump now having said all of that what is noticeable noticeable about some of these indorsements as we've been talking is that he did get praise from the spokesperson for barack obama but it was not an endorsement it shows some of the
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limitations perhaps to joe biden's candidacy. if you will by where this democratic contest is going to turn into the biden bernie show at some point. yeah and that's going to be a challenge for joe biden given the fact that as we've been discussing he tends to be reflective of the more traditional establishments wing of the democratic party and many of the younger members of the democratic party that have been more diverse . members of color tend to see joe biden is kind of a weakness and a vulnerability and have got debris centers because they feel that his views although he looks like joe biden as well have been consistently progressive has been activist in nature and this is going to be another problem that joe biden is going to have to address he's been in office for a long time not just as a vice president but also as a senator he has
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a record and that record in many specially younger voters will see as perhaps not keeping up with the times when it comes to issues of of women of women's rights of abortion so again what he said now is that he may be the best candidate to beat donald trump there are going to be members within his own democratic party that are going to challenge that all right given that the russian and north korean leaders have had their first ever face to face meeting led to me and putin is describing talks with kim jong un and blood of all stock as substantial putin says denuclearization can only be achieved through international law and the north need security guarantees. look with binoculars a fifth of what is denuclearization it is to a certain extent disarmament of north korea mutes of course i have spoken about it all the time with them and can confirm once again the north korea site speaks about it as well democratic people's republic of north korea needs guarantee of its
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safety and sovereignty. of the people of the two countries who share a valuable friendship that was created and strengthened while overcoming every hardship and challenge thrown to us by history have a deep understanding that the ceaseless development of north korea russia ties not only serves our mutual interests but is also indispensable for securing the region's peace and stability rob mcbride has more on the south korean reaction to the computed meeting. events in blood of our stock have been followed closely from seoul as you might expect the view from south korea is that they are generally supportive of any bilateral summits between north korea and any of its neighbors all part of the process of the normalization of north korea of being less isolated from its neighbors and indeed the rest of the world a top security official from the russian government has been in seoul and has been
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briefing the south korean government just on putin's goals in holding this summit and also expanding more on what putin has meant by russia possibly in conjunction with china becoming more involved in dialogue with north korea the view from south korea is that while they want to know more details about what that might involve the most important thing for south korea is the resumption of this top down dialogue between north korea and the u.s. that for south koreans has achieved the most success in trying to move towards denuclearization and that any other initiatives must be cold war denatured with that an envoy from south korea is ready to go up to north korea when the time is right to try to find any common ground that might lead the way for another summit between south korean leader moon j.n. and kim jong un their fourth summit which hopefully could pave the way for
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a resumption of dialogue between north korea and the u.s. south africa's president is promising government help to rebuild the lives of flood and mudslide victims cyril ramaphosa has been assessing the damage in and around been at least sixty people have been killed. has more from pinetown south africa. risky efforts are ongoing but they are part of the reason is because the landscape in some places has completely changed for example this water wasn't here a few days ago a piece of land with a few houses on it and some houses that were in this area were swept away by the violent waters we're told that they are in and around this area body was recovered a few hours ago and they're now currently looking for an elderly woman who's been missing for a couple of days no one knows whether she is alive or dead but they are looking for using sniffer dogs and people from the military the police and divers as well the
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main concern now of course is helping people who've been displaced many are staying in community homes but they need things like blankets food medication they are getting some of that but they still need more to come in officials say they worry that some people are becoming increasingly frustrated believing the safety of community who is coming back to areas and going into houses like this trying to look after the few positions that are still inside the fray those positions could be stored and that's another challenge officials are facing but right now the priority is finding people who may still be alive who may still be stranded who need help and of course that's going to be increasing difficult because of the up to rain in some areas and if it does start raining again a soldiers are worried there could be more displacement and more landslides fighting continues in mali four years after peace accords were signed. with a rebel leader facing u.n. sanctions over his refusal to stop attacks. on our mohammed yunus not ready to give
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up the fight from his rooftop in bamako the leader of the coalition for the people who commands hundreds of troops in the region of timbuktu. mohamedou ms under sanction from the u.n. security council for conducting attacks against un and french forces. some of these attacks have been claimed by. mislead mean and umbrella organization including al qaeda in the. mohammedan denies any wrongdoing saying he's only fight is for peace. so. i'm disappointed i'm one of the principal actors for peace but i'm not being heard or listen to despite signing a peace agreement we have a deal but the fact is to get yourself heard you need to use force then people listen. france's president received a hero's welcome in two thousand and thirteen after french forces intervened in northern mali to push back rebel groups that had invaded part of the country among
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them. troops. since then an estimated four thousand people have been killed in attacks despite thirteen thousand u.s. peacekeepers and four thousand french soldiers on the ground the violence hasn't stopped it's gotten worse now people are taking to the streets calling for french and foreign troops to leave. hope for peace in mali came in the form of an agreement negotiated in algiers with various armed groups and the government but signed right here in by micro in the building right behind me some four years ago since there's been a multiplication of attacks with new armed groups involved in the conflict and so it seems that that agreement is no longer relevant to the current circumstances mali faces. that you drop are masters to me is calling out president cater for not doing enough to unite mali and he's facing
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a wave of protests for failing to protect the population under the peace accord keita has to change the constitution and call for a referendum but there are mounting demonstrations against it. this isn't going anywhere we're stuck because it's not the constitution that needs to adapt to the agreement but the agreement needs to adapt to our constitution which is the role of more of our country and people. despite so many sides calling for peace mali is torn increasingly divided and that is only feeding the conflict nicholas hark al-jazeera bamako. and let's to take you through some of the headlines here on al-jazeera now because defense secretary has resigned at the president's request following sunday's suicide bombings that killed three hundred fifty nine people security services
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remain on high alert new video apparently shows a suicide bomber entering a restaurant in the cinnamon grand hotel on sunday at least seventy nine suspects have been arrested so far prime minister run away from a single he says there are still suspects at large where there's rounded up a lot of suspect but they're still some of the active people on the run. they may be having exploded them or they may have hidden the explorer do so we had to find the. suspect as well as the explosives so that's below it looks like they're the people who have been was influenced by. isis doctoring some of their method abroad . with their theme their taken their lead i did look in deciding that they should. get into this act of violence we thought they were doing as a part of their religion which is not so slam does not allow this type of thing but
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nevertheless. we have been to where do created and they are therefore they were misled. the red cross says residential areas of libya's capital are gradually turning into battlefields and the aid agencies warning hospitals in tripoli are struggling with power cuts and chronic shortages of medical supplies sudanese protest leaders have increased pressure on the army by calling for a large rally demanding a civilian government were hoping for one million people to take to the streets three senior members of the ruling military council accused of cracking down on protesters resigned on wednesday joe biden has announced his bid to replace u.s. president donald trump in a video announcement by the us was in a battle for the soul of the nation biden is up against nineteen other democratic hopefuls including elizabeth warren and bernie sanders. it's the story next stay
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with us here on al-jazeera. with every. high and i mean ok and i'm like every year in the stream today remembering china's proto moccasin movement however tiananmen square protest a massacre of women but i made heavy government censorship the topic is one of the most censored on china's internet so what questions do you have about its history legacy share your thoughts in our you tube chat or via twitter stream.
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this month marks thirty years since the start of student led pro-democracy protests in china's tiananmen square where weeks of peaceful demonstration later ended in a decade military crackdown known as the challenge and square massacre or june the fourth incident hundreds and perhaps thousands of believed to have been killed by the people's liberation army the initial protests were sparked by the death of reform minded former communist party head bang in late april one thousand nine hundred nine tens of thousands of students filled the square to mourn his death and carry on his message of political change and to corruption students were later joined by civil servants and others calling for democratic reform so today will speak to those who witnessed events at him and square thirty years ago and look at how their history is being remembered on and off line in taipei taiwan we're joined by. a chinese dissident and student leader in the one thousand nine hundred ninety annum and protests in toronto canada john wall
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a journalist and author who was an eyewitness to the mask. adamant square and in irving california in the u.s. a most toe a fellow at the u.c. irvine school of law he studies free expression and online content regulation it's good to have you or hear guess i just i want to start with you that atmosphere in april of one thousand nine hundred ninety think back on it's a long long long time ago what was happening in terms of protests and demonstrations what did it feel like to be a reporter in beijing but. it was super exciting and there was an air of optimism and it was a strange time and these were the first spontaneous demonstrations really since the bounding in the people's republic in the center of the country in beijing and so the weather was beautiful the students were out and everybody was quite optimistic everyone thought this was this is going to be wonderful things are going to change
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and so there's a lot of excitement and lots of ordinary people joined in and i want to show our audience tana a square a port a twenty second one thousand nine hundred nine running back thirty years there were protests there were demonstrations have a look at this have a listen to this. i know you're going to come from the surplus at least your lately us live thank you he says what's happening here in town and square is that people are gathering hate to commemorate official or chinese official he died called hugh yaobang he was really well known for his political and economic reforms have a look at the students in this class. you know he
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was a. move were you one of the students in the square right that. the major achievement.
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one of the iconic images from that time is this one that people are remembering online if you do any search for tenements where on twitter you see images like this this is a guest and this is a man who is commonly referred to now as tank man this is a photo that was taken by an a.p. photographer jeff why did there in the middle of that square a man who stood in front of a tank jan i know you were there this day what do you remember about this incident . this happened on a monday but the massacre itself happened on a saturday night into sunday morning and then there were still protests on sunday and then by monday because the soldiers kept shooting at people by monday morning this streets were really dead quiet and i was working in that hotel room overlooking that street and my husband was with me and he said you better get out of here and so i
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a rat rushed up to the balcony and i saw this and i started to cry because i had seen so many people killed and and wounded the day before and then i thought i can't cry because i have to witness this i have to watch what happened and so i watched and you know when this happened. the streets were completely silent and the lead tank tried to go around him and then after a while that driver of the lead tank turned off his engine and so you didn't even hear anything there wasn't any noise and then the young men tried to climb out on to the gun turret and. they would open up the turret the soldiers went open it up so he claimed climbed back down and then i remember the tank started up the engine again and the young man jumped in front again and i was just sure he was going to die but then suddenly i think about two guys maybe three guys from the
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sidelines there was a small crowd on the side of the street they they ran in and grabbed him and dragged him off and he melted away and i don't think anyone really knows who he was or what happened to him jan i heard you describe this moment as a magical moment and you described it as stepping to the heroes yes that day in that moment that just a little bit more for us. it took me a while because the world's attention was focused on tank man but the man who tried to stop you had a simple shopping bag with me who knows who he was but later it occurred to me that the second hero was the driver of that lead chain because he stopped he didn't run him over and he just waited and i'm sure he must have been punished because this created this dramatic moment and this photo that went around the world
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and it wasn't good for the chinese authorities and they knew who it was though i think that that driver of the lead tank is a real hero and he's never really been recognized as that the pictures from june the fourth one thousand nine hundred i would stored unary pictures and also when you took two look at them i know you've seen them many times before because bearing in mind that we have. who was watching for him about kony we had john who was right there i'm curious about what you wanted to ask john about these moments have a look first of all. frank i'm glad our truck was proud he told her i don't lie i'm told she. was.
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was. was was was was and also what stands out for me is no weapons no weapons but i think tanks what did you want to ask john about that day. so that gen i buried witness as a journalist to violence and tragedy and the acts of bravery and courage how was that like. well we were shocked we didn't expect that level
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of violence and when i say we i mean the foreign correspondents based in beijing most of us were china experts we had devoted our careers to studying the language and studying the history but we had no idea how to cover war we didn't know what battlefield weapons were and so we were just shocked and stunned and i guess we had never dreamed that the china story would come to this and i remember. just wondering what am i supposed to do and what is that blowing through the sky there was this red. well it and i thought it was a where and later on i realized it's a tracer bullet which is what you use to measure your range if you're a goner but only things i didn't do know but you know the chinese people were equally naive and ready for the violence because
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a lot of students were in the square and they held up their coats they had coats even though it was june fourth because at night it was chilly so they had these big army coats and they would hold them up assuming they were rubber bullets and that a cult would stop them and so you can see let later on i went to the universities and i saw these coaches you know displayed with all the blood over them and i just i just remember being horrified but also feeling like i have to be a journalist i can't let myself fall apart i have to take notes and a lot of it i simply felt ok let me let me time how long the gunfire is going on let me see what corner of the city is coming from and i felt pretty helpless and and very upset and very angry at what was happening just shocked that people were being killed in front of me but anyway i was just like the chinese people they were
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shocked too if you could you saw the pictures of how angry they were and how they're attacking a tank with their bare hands or at most a wooden stick so it was i felt very much. in sync with all the people. and listening to that story from you know thirty years ago brings me to a couple comments were getting on you tube right now live this one is from nor saying who says does it still have any importance in the minds of young people in china under fusion ping another person but the. chinese know about the massacre their internet is highly censored so it was i'll give this to you because particularly that last comment about the internet being highly censored something you know very well about. yeah i mean i think you know it's censorship infrastructure in china that should be constructed on the basis of technology based restrictions legal restrictions as well as strategies of social control and
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information about china. is blocked and policed very heavily and one of the interesting things about this forms of censorship is that it's also imposed outside of china as territorial borders we chad just one of the most popular social media platforms has about one hundred million registered users outside of china and so the sense of ship controls and it's a bit about tiananmen also transfer outside to affect the chinese diaspora. and it's one of the reasons that the china file you can see them on my laptop here this new site asked people to share their stories of tannin men with a call for personal stories and we translate our team translated one of the responses they got here from someone on twitter who writes in one thousand nine hundred nine my father and his colleagues went to beijing for a meeting which was during the rise of the pro to mock resistance movement at the
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end of the meeting he took the initiative to stay and witness history shanghai urged him to return and he ignored it in june the tragedy took place in the country began to carry out mass arrests my father's organization dismissed him but secretly helped him get a student visa to japan police eventually ceases hotel records and when he returned to china he was placed under house arrest for being mentally ill for a long time so sharing that story on twitter because sharing it on way bo or other or sites in china it's not wouldn't necessarily be allowed because of the words than they are the key words and there were no i'm hoping you can pick up on this story of sharing what happened thirty years ago for a generation that may not know the details of it. what kind of course strong center of the whole war in fact we have been invented in terms like maybe thirty. two to go to force and then amend the war
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gentleman will always be directed somewhere else. if it's in chinese government clear intention to wipe the story from history but still every year when the states comes there will be people try really hard to come around. and then to do something around the country so i guess that that. kind of hope and then the people in china and not young students and young people in china they are not like our generation they brought they were brought up in the internet generation they when they process information it's much more to for individual expression. and then in and then they want that they want to keep that they want to be able to do that so feet and everything went and then and then they when they realise the whole china's information flow it's like
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a manger scene from that like there's no google there is no facebook there is no twitter and then the only way you do it is we call it climbing the wall which is a v.p.n. and like that then it has been declared illegal in china so you can see the effort to try and if government trying to block inform manged in china and then we've got information there is no environment for people to to discuss to debate to exchange ideas so you can sometimes you can't you very frustrated and then you almost feel like the chinese students chinese young people. they don't care but are deluded searching for truth that search will cool. you know the circle idea it's. in our genes and then there will always be people try to learn
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a part but. i so i mean i want to build on that because you know what i want to striking things is that what he just referenced which is me thirty five right which is a term that's used to refer to the german thought message is now censored right any reference to it is sense and we chat and also on websites that i access while in china and you know i think the research that academic research actually demonstrates stead for young you says growing up in china in that kind of environment of censorship even a few experiment was conducted maybe were given tools to circumvent the censorship and be a did not read take advantage of that to those tools to access sense that politically sensitive information unless they were given some incentive to do so or being encouraged to do so and so does that was to show that censorship controls in china
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really don't just stop information from reaching chinese individuals but it has also kind of create this culture of this and gate and with politics and cultural and social issues so it's interesting that you say that had the disengagement because of course ours there is a segment of society that isn't gauged and they are trying to get around the censors will take a look here my laptop you can see a few of the instagram posts of people who are trying to get around those blocks and using very creative ways here it's a pack of cigarettes to represent the tanks that i showed you earlier in that if another person shows the street where those tanks were but it's empty but it's still referencing that same time and there's another. and also posted on instagram this is sixty four censored pics but then in accordance with what you were saying amos we got a video comment from someone she's a reporter at the verge of new york city her name is shannon liao and she says that
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censorship is everywhere and your average person doesn't realize it so here's what she told the stream as a result of that censorship people are unable to comment on important social issues like looking for you know. and vaccines for and protesting sexual harassment and promoting them in islam and these kinds of basic social issues are associated with political movements and government and stops it from happening from the first dispensary and so that people can't you know build a political mass or a group that could rise up against them so john she says i point is i want to bring you in because she says the point is to stop a political mass and i'm wondering in the days after we saw all such of violence on the streets what happened next and is there a reason why we didn't see a stronger movement that actually was a sexual. well in the days right after the massacre there there was
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a real crackdown and people were very frightened and they were arresting people and the evening news went on for several hours. it was usually just an hour but it went on for several hours and most of it showed people being rounded up they had clearly been beaten out and so it was kind of a terror and people didn't feel at all. to do anything i wanted to just go back to this internet censorship and it's true that it's very hard with in china but i think we shouldn't forget that so many chinese are studying overseas now it's a huge. trend in china people are coming to europe. to north america at my university where i teach we have lots of chinese students and the point i want to make is. there's no incentive being given to them to check
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things out but they're starting to wonder and i think just being overseas this june twenty fourth for the thirtieth anniversary of tiananmen square it's going to come up and you know people are always interested in things that they're not supposed to look at and because they know that they're not supposed to look at this i suspect a lot of the chinese students overseas outside china are going to really look up the history of tiananmen square and find out what's happening there probably tuning in to this this show right now and i think that will make a difference because there are many of them will go back to china. and they will be influential because they will look at it western education they're at least middle class or not richer and they're going to be very important people in society and i think that the experience of being in the west without a censored internet. is going to make a big difference in china john achieving talking i've just been looking up the
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rolling stone they did a story set in years ago about the children of tiananmen square. i see you are one of the children and now i would say that you were one of the fathers of tiananmen square right now look at that young face you were part of that pro-democracy movement in china where is it right now. democracy we fought for democracy who fought for freedom and we were have been deprived from all our freedom of being home to my parents. but. we. have been tossed into the world in one of the most free. places i lived in for. knowing taiwan new flagship books democracy. force the contras then you can we can learn things about china.
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we understand democracy and freedom much better and then that make us feel. even more. when you may even say about the direction it took the time. from force before to force massacre before nine hundred eighty nine student movement china. was moving to a more open or more three year environment we were pressing the government to feel to go faster in the same direction which is opening up and but then it took a drastic turn into closing up you can see the skyscrapers in the high speed rail way and over these things thinking this is a country that is opening up but in the matter of fact it is not china it's the crow censorship for information and then they have
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a very strong presence they control the police they spend more money. and in the internal security than their national defense budget which is already very scary the national defense budget is scaring to the neighbors neighboring countries but then they spend more money was in impressing the dissent within china they have a they actually have a term call it we would move maintaining stability and they have a huge budget. thank you so much for sharing some of those members and john as well and a must like getting us up to date with what's happening on social and how young people in china outside of china a sinking about the tandem and square massacre thank you so much for being part of the program we really appreciate it but we have this conversation being. hacked online and being conducted online i think people are learning and can see the comments in you tube with people who are seeing this for the first time. thank you
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very much for watching today's edition of the strange myself online act. on twitter . above. the big.
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anti fascist anti establishment and provocative. despite the recent official disbanding of its militarized wing a basque separatist movement just found alive and well on the terraces of a building stadia. a place where political revolutionaries share a platform an ideology with football hooligans. read old death on al-jazeera. people have looked away your own record on this trouble in fact a few years ago there was a place only for one state on the land of israel all you do not believe in
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a two state solution the official story isn't there and i'm sure we will show you i don't care about the official story if you were to go visit today you would say what has the media been telling the world isn't black and white there's a lot to graze in here join me mad the front of my guests from around the world take the hot seat and we debate the week's top stories on the big issues here on al-jazeera. this is zero. hello and welcome to the saudis their news hour live from doha i'm mounting debt is coming up in the next sixty minutes. because defense secretary resigns as more raids and arrests take place in the aftermath of the easter sunday at. the red
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cross will densely populated residential areas in the libyan capital a turning into a battlefield. protest as in sudan refused to back down from their demand for immediate civilian rule as more demonstrators gather in the capital. about peeta some of the your sport is a long distance. disputes between runnels most far the haile gebrselassie as they criticize each other's behavior. after him and his defense secretary has resigned following sunday's suicide bombings that killed three hundred fifty nine people the security services are on high alert new video apparently showing a suicide bomber entering a restaurant in the cinnamon grand hotel on sunday has emerged that at least seventy nine suspects have been arrested so far let's go live now to me now from
11:50 pm
landis our correspondent who's in the sri lankan capital colombo it seems very much as though the security services has snapped into gear and there are arrests and detentions taking place all over the country. that's right martin we've heard that almost eighty arrests so far we were hearing of the law enforcement authorities coming out with some of the details of the those arrests so within the last of or two we have had the police releasing information of a number of those still wanted in connection with the easter sunday carnage now we've gotten a sense of the emergency kicking in with the three armed forces and the police using those kind of heightened powers to conduct wide cordon searchers we did hear that there were some thorough cordon searches in a number of towns all around the country there war nine vehicles that were
11:51 pm
identified by the police in an island wide alert asking for any signs of these vehicles to be reported to the police and in general we see the security imperative is very very tense and i was saying earlier that even freelance cameraman who was helping us out was marched to a local police station by a group of affluence personally because he had been filming at a checkpoint i mean obviously they're very very conscious of the need for security and to ensure that they're on top of this game earlier we did speak to the prime minister on the vicar missing her who gives some information on the investigation as it is progressing so far let's take a listen a number of people have been taken in am sorry i cannot disclose the number but yes some are on the run and the threat from them remains for the first to round up
11:52 pm
those people we have to admit the failure in intelligence the breakdown in the flow of information. and that's one of the matter that are being investigated. he went in regard to the numbers of dead while the police have told at least three hundred fifty the health ministry said it's more about two hundred sixty five afternoon verify their numbers and let me know now it was a shock i mean if not for the lapse many of them would be alive today. all right so the prime minister there minal admitting a certain amount of responsibility for the failings that have led to this allowed these atrocities to be carried out but now there's a state of emergency in place in the country and we're hearing reports of there being intercommunal back clashes underway. martin there has certainly been some tension basically a response or
11:53 pm
a spilling over of emotions it has been a very trying time you you have to realize for sri lankans as a whole but particularly as these communities begin to grieve there are some flashpoints i mean it's not so the whole scale intercommunal interfere the violence the community leader even the leadership of this country as well as civic society religious leaders have all come together to try and put a handle on these simmering tensions but there have been some flashpoints and one of these flashpoints was in a place called katana very close to the gun we did see problems. spilling over from yesterday there was a couple of hundred armande muslims of pakistani origin in fact did them sort of persecution in pakistan. recognizes refugees now there were a couple of incidents involving
11:54 pm
a couple of these members of the community and the whole sort of larger group was moved to another area about an hour or so away from that location however today we found local villagers in this community center that they'd been housed overnight surrounding the place be minding that they've been moved from here and not be allowed to stay the police was called in and extra support from the military to ensure that these people were protected so there is an outflow of emotion it's not us of there is sort of interfere violence where they're all you know going at each other's throats but like i said a very very emotional time martin so everyone in this country also conscious that they need to keep a handle on the situation and that's where the government has brought in these emergency regulations wides been sweeping regulations even though the initial. he said it would be just clauses to do with the prevention of terrorism but from what
11:55 pm
we're hearing the regulation themselves are very wide palette of. laws and things like that an instrument that the law enforcement authorities can use to ensure one they get on top of the terror problem and two they mean to in peace and calm in martin thank you very much mel fernandez there live in the sri lankan capital colombo thanks now three weeks into the fight for the control of the libyan capital tripoli the international committee of the red cross has warned the residential areas of tripoli are gradually turning into battlefields the aid agency also says that hospitals are struggling from chronic shortages of medical supplies along with power outages more than thirty thousand people are said to have fled their homes and are sheltering with relatives or in public buildings well robert griffin is a spokesman for the international committee of the red cross and red crescent
11:56 pm
societies she says civilians and their property should be spared from the fighting . depending on the areas it can be more difficult i speak with my colleagues in tripoli every day we have committed colleagues that are working on the ground so libyan colleagues even some of them have told me that they've had friends or relatives that are on able to leave their neighborhoods because of ongoing fighting so so it can be pretty difficult and unsafe for people to move out and this is where again we remind the parties to the conflict. that fighting in densely populated areas in urban areas in civilian areas. the damages should be minimized a civilian should be protected their properties should be protected essential infrastructure should it should be protected also were fighting is taking place right now there are power cuts and this could potentially get worse so we were in
11:57 pm
a room mind to avoid as much as possible spare the civilian population and their properties from the fighting and of course guarantee that they can leave the area their area safely should they wish to or and that they have access to essential humanitarian needs. after is mobilized the largest military campaign since the toppling of moammar gadhafi that was eight years ago so who's funding him rather government in these sensitive to brooke is a major backer and reuters financial analysts have suggested that the government raises money through a mixture of unofficial bonds cash that's printed in russia and deposits from government controlled by inks so far have two hours accumulated debt of more than two twenty five billion dollars and the news agency is suggesting
11:58 pm
a looming banking crisis could undermine the ability to fund itself three eastern bonds are struggling to meet their financial obligations saudi arabia is one of have to backers but some prefer to give helping kind rather than in cash we could seek to carry now as a political political analyst and on libya and the middle east and north africa region he's joining us live from london what do you make of this reuters analysis of the funding behind after. yes of course it's a very complicated issue for for it's a very pressing issue for have to but a very complicated issue for international actors the u.n. sanctions and the un resolution of one hundred seventy three that came out in two thousand and eleven by and any import or purchasing of weapons from libya or for other states to trade or to provide any military assistance in the form. that has
11:59 pm
complicated the relationship between and many other. governments or actors working with him but what we know is that despite the relations sustained yes so you said it's complicated relations with various foreign governments it's just just force them into the shadows if you like because clearly there's an arms embargo there are many what seem to be fairly shady deals if not actually illegal but the money is still coming in i mean he's got planes and he sustained a massive military campaign. indeed and not exactly what we're seeing yesterday on what is a. to me head of his office was in russia attending the moscow high profile meeting organized by the defense ministry and international security and where he where he said that we are looking to increase military
12:00 am
operations which russia the nature of miniature operations it is unknown with being kind will it be because we know that over the last two years russia has provided printed hard currency and provided forms of forms of support to have to was operations in the east to what degree will move forward it's it's not a surprise if if that increases we know that russia has vetoed the recent un security council resolutions on ceasefire and the cease fire in libya and. across libya but specifically nice is been a major. economic an economic pressure for the governments for the local authorities to to provide funding for teachers for civil servants to.


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